Detailed Résumé

Charles Francis Pelkey 

Biographical Information

  • Born, May 30, 1958 – Göppingen, Federal Republic of Germany.
  • Moved to the United States, August, 1966.
  • Originally moved to Laramie, August 1976.
  • Married to Diana H. Denison, August, 1986.
  • Two children: Philip (1994), Annika (2000).


  • University of Wyoming College of Law – Juris Doctor – 2009.
  • University of Wyoming – Economics Major (No degree).
  • Ranum High School, Westminster, CO – Diploma – 1976.

 Professional Experience

2013 - Current 

Founding Partner               Neubauer, Pelkey and Goldfinger, LLP       Laramie, WY

     After working at Laramie’s oldest law firm, my partners and I decided to open Laramie’s newest law firm with Vaughn Neubauer and Roger Goldfinger. Starting one’s own business is a big risk, but I made the right call when it came to choosing the partners with whom to assume that risk. Ours is a full-service law firm, which places our emphasis on criminal defense, civil litigation and bankruptcy law.

2010 to 2012

Associate Attorney        Corthell and King, PC        Laramie, WY

      After skipping the July, 2009, bar exam – in order to focus on the 2009 Tour de France – I took the February, 2010, bar and was awarded my license in April of that year. Frank Nelson, the senior partner at Corthell and King, offered me a remarkable opportunity to practice in a number of areas, including criminal, family and bankruptcy law. The guidance and mentoring  offered by the attorneys at Corthell and King proved to be invaluable.

1994 to 2011

Senior Editor        VeloNews, CGI, Inc.         Boulder, CO/Laramie, WY

    Originally hired as Technical Editor for two magazines: VeloNews (20 issues per year) and Inside Triathlon (12 issues per year), I was named as news editor for VeloNews in 2000, editor of in 2002 and senior editor in 2008.

Pelkey gets a celebrity endorsement!

Pelkey gets a celebrity endorsement!

Throughout that time, I continued to be responsible for event reports – including seven Tours de France, two Giri d’Italia, one edition of the Vuelta a España and eight world championships – coverage of the national and international governing bodies of cycling and the ongoing legal issues involving doping in sports.

While a full-time staff employee, I worked remotely and largely without supervision from 2004 to 2011. The flexibility allowed me to attend law school from 2006 to 2009 and still meet my professional obligations to VeloNews.


  • Riding under fire; Bicycle racing in occupied Europe during WWII (current project)
  • Racing Tactics for Cyclists (co-author)
  • Bicycling and the Law (primary editor)
  • Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance (primary editor)
  • The 1998 Tour De France: Conquests and Crises (co-author)
  • Lance Armstrong and the 1999 Tour de France (co-author)
  • Armstrong Encore: The 2000 Tour de France (co-author)
  • The 2001 Tour de France LANCE X3 (co-author)

NOTE:  2005 to 2006

Editor        University of Wyoming, UWyo magazine        Laramie, WY

In late 2005, after 11 years at VeloNews, I accepted a new position at the University of Wyoming to edit the school’s quarterly magazine, UWyo. I continued to work with VeloNews on a contract basis. In 2006, I was admitted to law school and was told that I could not continue as editor of UWyo if I pursued that option. Despite my six-month absence, VeloNews had not yet found a suitable replacement and after a long series of back-and-forth discussions, I accepted a generous offer to return to my old full-time position and work remotely via the Internet while studying the law.


1993 to 1994

 Press Secretary        U.S.  Senator Alan K.  Simpson        Washington, D.C.

    Despite knowing that I was a life-long Democrat, Alan Simpson asked me to be his press secretary while I was a reporter at the Casper Star-Tribune. I gladly accepted and suddenly found myself in Washington, D.C. While there, I was responsible for scheduling interviews, arranging media events and serving as Senator Simpson’s spokesman at a time when he was the GOP Whip of the U.S.  Senate.  I coordinated press on specific topics with Senator Simpson, his chief of staff, legislative assistants and other members of senior staff.  I managed the press office, overseeing the work of an assistant press secretary and interns.  During my tenure, Senator Simpson’s legislative agenda included immigration reform, a full-scale review of entitlement disbursement and health care.  At the time, Senator Simpson served as a member of the Senate Judiciary and Environment and Natural Resources committees.

After the birth of our son, in 1994, Diana and I opted to move our family back to the Rocky Mountain West and I accepted a position at the cycling magazine, VeloNews, in Colorado … and one big step closer to a return to Wyoming.


1989 to 1993

Staff Writer         Casper Star-Tribune         Laramie, WY

    I served as the Star-Tribune’s Laramie bureau reporter and as the second reporter in the paper’s Capitol bureau in Cheyenne.  My initial assignment was to cover the budget and administration of the University of Wyoming, but that was later expanded to include economic, environmental and political issues in the state.  I also covered five regular and two special sessions of the Wyoming state legislature and became something of an expert on the esoteric subject of legislative redistricting.


1987 to 1989

Assistant News Director        KUWR-FM        Laramie, WY

     I served as local anchor for the National Public Radio news program “Morning Edition” and fill-in host for “All Things Considered.” I also hosted a late-night jazz program and a public affairs television program.

Other Skills and Experience

     I successfully completed both the written and oral phases of the U.S. State Department Foreign Service Examination (1988/89), which, in turn, opened up several interesting opportunities, including my job at the Star-Tribune and my position in Senator Simpson’s office.



       My family, bicycling, mountaineering, back-country skiing, winter camping and restoration of our 112-year-old home.