Charles Pelkey

Charles Pelkey is the current Minority Whip of the Wyoming House of Representatives. Pelkey recently announced plans to seek his third term, representing House District 45 in Laramie.

As an attorney and long-time journalist, Pelkey has brought a unique and varied background to the office.

PelkeyHeadShotPelkey has a proven record as a strong advocate of education, criminal justice reform and sensible spending policies.

He is a local attorney who made a career switch after 25 years as a journalist. Before becoming a lawyer, Pelkey worked as a radio and television host, a newspaper reporter, press secretary in the U.S. Senate and magazine editor.

In July of 2011 Pelkey found he was one of those rare men to be diagnosed with breast cancer. (He’s since learned that one-percent of all breast cancer cases occur in men.)

“Obviously, it’s not what I wanted,” said Pelkey, “but it proved to be something of a learning experience. I lost my magazine job – where I had my health insurance – and got confirmation of my diagnosis on the very same day. I was facing the loss of health coverage at the most critical moment in my life. I was fortunate in being able to negotiate continued coverage, but it made me painfully aware of the whole issue of health care costs, health coverage and the risk of financial disaster, simply because someone unexpectedly falls ill. As an attorney, I’ve helped guide several Wyoming citizens through the process of bankruptcy, a difficult choice they faced solely due to crushing health care debt. That has to change.”

Today Pelkey works as an attorney at one of Laramie’s most successful law firms dedicated to protecting and promoting the rights of Wyoming Citizens. He is an active member of the community and pledges to fight for the future of Laramie families.